Academic dodgeball


A soft ball and paper


Students play dodge ball in a marked area. The aim is to throw and hit the others with the ball. The students can’t dribble or walk with the ball. Four students are placed in each corner of the hall and write times tables on paper in maths. When a student is hit and dies they go out to one of the four students and say the times table out loud. When the task is complete (it’s okay to be helped) they overtake the student in the corner and the times table. They stay there until a new student comes. The same corner may not be visited twice in a row.


  • Biology – birds of the forests, insects,
  • mushrooms and trees
  • Geography – names of planets, climate zones, types of stones and glacial periods
  • Human Biology – digestive system, circulatory system, muscles and respiratory system
  • Literature – characteristics of a fairy-tales, fables, novels and folk songs
  • History – characteristics of the ancient world, The Roman empire, middle ages and renaissance