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ACTivate is taking an evidence-based, collaborative approach to developing innovative learning assets and opportunities to enhance teachers´ PAL competency. Specifically, the ACTivate project consists of:

The Research (read more):

  • Work package 1: establish recommendations for a PAL teacher training and implementation programme underpinned by behavioural science
  • Work package 2: identify outcomes that hold relevance for school stakeholders (e.g. teachers, principals); this includes suitable and accessible measurement tools

The Product:

  • Work package 3: develop a European curriculum for PAL teacher training and implementation that will guide organisations to develop teacher training and CPD programmes (read more)
  • Work package 4: create an ACTivate online platform that will host e-learning. The platform will serve as an information repository for the European community of PAL practitioners
  • Work package 5: build e-learning courses for trainee and practising teachers that can be used as stand-alone programmes or as a supplement for face-to-face delivery

The testing:

  • Work package 6: pilot test the feasibility of the ACTivate online platform and e-learning courses.

ACTivate started in September 2019 and will conclude in December 2022. The project was co-funded by the  Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.



ACTivate is a consortium of six European organisations:

  • The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Leeds Beckett University (UK)
  • LIKES, JAMK, University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Mulier Institute (Netherlands)
  • University College South Denmark
  • The University of Porto (Portugal)

Within each partner country, a national teacher council guides the work of the ACTivate project team. ACTivate is guided by an International Advisory Board that draws on expertise from Australia, Canada, Italy and the USA.

Our Research

Welcome the ACTivate research repository where you will find the latest articles on physically active learning. The Activate project is underpinned by the latest research on physically active learning and behavioural science. We will share relevant research from the ACTivate and similar PAL projects. You can find papers, videos and other materials that will support your learning on why PAL is important, the benefits that it can bring and advice on how to integrate PAL within your teaching