What is PAL and why should you use it?​

What is PAL and why should you use it?​

What is Physically Active Learning (PAL)?

Physically active learning (PAL) can be described in a number of ways but in its simplest form, it is the integration of movement AND learning during lesson time. Perhaps you are already using PAL in your classroom? It could be as simple as your children completing relays with tasks at work stations around the classroom. Or It may even be taking your lesson outside and using movement to teach the same things you would normally have done indoors. Physically active learning can be a fun and easy way to create learning through movement, to engage and re-engage your children’s learning.

Why bring movement to the class?

“You can do it for motivation, for the students… You can also use it if you want them to remember better and also concentrate so they can concentrate more.” 

-Emma, Teacher

Physical activity can make learning more fun and engaging for pupils. It breaks long sitting periods, and helps keep their focus on the task. This is why many studies have found better learning results with PAL. Beyond learning, activating the pupils is an efficient way to enhance all children’s physical, social and emotional well-being. Read more…