Academic tag


The game is based on a version of tag where the students that are caught have to stand still with their legs out wide when they are caught. They can be freed by one of the other students crawling between their legs. This version is an academic version where the ‘tag-er’ is equipped with a number of academic questions. When a student is caught they are given a card with an academic question by the ‘tag-er’. To be freed, another student has to crawl between their legs and answer the question on the card. If the answer is not correct the student has to wait until another student comes along and answers the question correctly.

The tag game ‘flag-tag’ can also be done in an academic version in which the students are given a flag (a shirt or piece of string) plus five academic cards which they could have made themselves. If they catch another student’s flag the student who is caught can only get the flag back if the question on the card is answered correctly.