Around the subject


8-12 posts are made in a circle. The students are in groups and find a post each where there is an academic task which needs to be solved in a short amount of time e.g. 3 minutes. When the time is gone, the students run on to the next post. The students could change between different ways of moving according to rules which could be made. The students could jump, hopscotch, crawl or does a crab walk to the next post.

In physical education students could do a version called ‘around the world’. Each group visits six different countries where there is an activity/ball game. The group has two-five minutes in each place and when they change place the student run with their arms out wide and pretend to be aeroplanes. There are many options for activities in each country, imagination is the only limitation.

Some examples are basketball in the USA, petanque in France, table tennis in China, hockey in Canada, samba-football in Brazil, (soft) tennis in England. Academic activities from each country could be included and every challenge could be related to each country e.g. geographical relations,