11 are placed in a circle with the numbers 2-12 along with an extra cone in the middle with some dice.

Each group roll the 2 dice and if they were to throw a 3 and a 4 the group would run to cone number 7 etc. Several tasks are placed by each cone in the circle and when one of them is solved the group runs back to the middle to roll the dice again. Every time a task is solved they get a point. Each cone could represent an area within the subject e.g. plus, minus, times, division, geometry, percentages, fractions etc. in maths. In languages the task could be to collect small parts of a text that then have to be categorised into different genres e.g. fairy tales, poetry, short stories, newspaper articles etc. It is also possible to vary the task by giving physical challenges by the cones. The students could also jump, run backwards, hop-scotch or hold hands as a group instead or running to the cones.