Dream team




The students work in groups of four and place themselves around an A3 piece of paper which is either on the floor or on the table. The students choose/ are given a role which they have to adopt as best as they can. The activity focuses on developing ideas quickly in relation to projects etc.

  • Student 1 is a ‘Formula 1 driver’ who constantly asks for new ideas and keeps the generation of ideas going.
  • Student 2 is ‘Captain Yes Hat’ who constantly ensures that ideas are positively received.
  • Student 3 is ‘The Show Man’ who tries to find crazy and creative angles on the ideas put forward by the other students.
  • Student 4 is ‘The Circus Conductor’ who tries to keep the development of ideas on a tight leash, tying up the loose ends and combining the many ideas. The Circus Conductor also makes sure to include little active breaks so that everyone in the team stays fresh during the development of ideas.