Eeerrr what was that term?


Notes with academic terms


The students are divided into small teams of 4-8 students who compete against each other. The notes with academic terms are put in hat/ bag or placed on a table. The groups can either compete simultaneously or take turns. A student takes a note with an academic term which he /she has to explain to the others on the team. The students take turns in running up and taking a note and the aim is to guess as many notes as possible in a short space of time e.g. 2 minutes. Each correct answer gives a point. If students hesitate and say ‘EEERRRRR’ whilst explaining the term it gives a minus point to the team. If it is not possible for the student to explain the academic term on the note they can say ‘pass’ and the next one on the team has a turn.


  • Social studies – the representative democracy
  • History – The Cold War
  • Religious Education – martyrs
  • Biology – organic farming
  • Physics – electric circuits