Instructions: A golf course is made either in a hall or outside by placing a number of cones and/or hula-hoop rings in different places. The cones represent the holes of a golf course. The students are working either individually or in groups. The aim is to finish the course with the fewest possible throws of the Frisbee. If cones are used the Frisbee needs to hit them, when using hula-hops the Frisbee needs to land inside them. By every hole there is an academic challenge that needs to be solved. The answer is either written on a piece of paper that students bring with them on the course or one member of the group runs to the teacher and gives the teacher the answer. If the answer is correct they get two extra bonus throws. It is a good idea if the students start at different holes to avoid a queue on the course.

Alongside academic challenges the students could develop their creative skills.

In languages the students could get a challenge where they have to dramatize a five minute long play or write a poem based on a picture/ headline.

In maths there could be items placed by the holes and the students have to find the circumference or the area of them.

Another idea is for the students to make up their own challenges where each group makes an academic challenge for each hole.