Guide for a day




The students word individually or in small groups. They prepare a guided tour of their hobbies for their classmates. The guide could be done in a foreign language and the class could visit places such as youth clubs, horse stables scout huts or a band practice room.


In geography the guided tour could be about the town’s development, infrastructure, commercial development and population growth. He tour could incorporate walking around the town’s different neighbourhoods a long with visiting local shops/businesses in the community. Thestudents could discuss primary, secondary and tertiary sector.

  • In religious education the local church could be visited with the focus on Christian symbols.
  • In history the students could make a guided tour that provides a local historic perspective of the schools neighbourhood in which the students live. The guided tour could be a local historic hike or bike ride that focuses on local shops, train station or housing. In history the guide could also present and demonstrate old-fashioned games with their classmates e.g. hop-scotch.