Know your prepositions


A chair for each student


Captain Skip comes to visit to check if all the students know their prepositions in their native language or foreign languages. The students have to place themselves in the following ways in relation to their chair.

  • Behind, beside, in front, under, over, against, across and on.


  1. One variation includes complete sentences from Captain Skip:
  • ‘The Captain is coming’- stand beside each other and salute.
  • ‘Lift the sails’ – stand in a row behind each other and pull the rope.
  • ‘Shark attack!’- get under the chair.
  • ‘The pirates are shooting’- crawl under a table
  • Think of your own

2. Captain Skip orders that the students build an obstacle course for all the students to use. an obstacle course for all the students to use. It can be indoors or outdoors. There needs to be at least 8 obstacles. Some ideas are: crawl under a rope, jump on a tree stump and run a zig zag around milk cartons.