One big chaos


The teacher places a lot of different cards or pieces on paper randomly on the floor or the tables. The cards could contain many different letters, words or numbers etc. In languages the groups could select a number of letters from which they have to make as many words as possible in 2 minutes. The requirement could either be that the students have to put the letters on the floor or that they have to stand in the correct order holding the letters. A rule could be made that a word with four letters gives four points etc. The cards could also contain lots of words from which tasks have to be made. The tasks could be to find different word classes, to change the tense from present to past or make sentences/small stories with ten words. A creative version could be that the students (working in pairs) select cards which have to be mimed whilst the partner guesses the word. See how many the can guess in 3 minutes. The students could also do a more active version. The students are together in pairs and select a word e.g. ‘cycle’. The students then have to find the card with the letter ‘C’. On the cards there is a physical task written e.g. do 10 jumping jacks or three forward rolls before they run on to the next letter in the word. When they have got all the letters of the word they get a point and they are given a new word. 

In maths the cards could be different numbers which needs to be used in relation to plus, minus, time and division. The task could also be to fin four different numbers which need to be put together in a complicated calculation where the students choose plus, minus, times or division themselves. The numbers 7, 17, 2 and 8 could be put into the calculation 7+2+8 =17. The task could be made easier by allowing the students to include a freely chosen number in the calculation. 

In maths it is also possible to make the active version where each group are given a dice. The aim is to find the rightly numbered card on the floor as quickly as possible. If the group threw a dice and got a number 4 the aim would be to find the number 4 and throw the dice again. If they then threw a 6then they would have to find the card with 10 etc. The first group to a certain number (e.g. 75) wins.