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The students are split into two groups and stand opposite each other with two meters distance. The teacher then asks an academic question. One group is ‘yes’ and the other group is ‘no’. If the answer to the question is yes, the ‘yes-group’ tries to catch the ‘no-group’ and vice-versa. The students have to try and catch the student standing directly opposite them before they get behind a ‘safe line’ in the back of the room. If a student is caught they could join the other team or the game can be adapted to that the teams receive points for every student that they catch. Instead of the students standing opposite each other the activity can be varied by having the students crouching, sitting on the floor or lying on their stomachs opposite each other. In maths the teams could be even/un-even and in this case a calculation can be read out and the answer will decide who should catch who. In foreign languages the students could be verbs/adjectives and in sociology they could be conservative/liberal. In chemistry the teams could be chemicals which are either acid or alkaline and in music the teacher could play pieces of music that could be in the key of C or the key of G. In biology the teacher can show pictures of different animals that are either threatened or non-threatened species. Another version of this activity is when students ask academic questions to each other. If the other team answer correctly they can catch the team that ask the question (until they get behind their safe line). Then the teams would swop roles even if one of the teams can’t answer the question.