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Half the students stand in a circle and they turn around with their backs to the middle of the circle. The other half of the students forms a circle around the original circle so that they stand opposite and face to face towards each other. Students are asked to shake hands with their partner to make sure everyone is paired up. The teacher gives a subject related question or task which they discuss for a short time e.g. 2 minutes. When the time is up the outer circle move one place to the left. Then the teacher asks the same question or a new question which will be discussed with the new partner. The activity can also be done sitting in chairs and can be further varied by having students from both the outer and inner circles alternately move one place to the left of the right. The academic questions or tasks could be linked to potential discussions and explanations that require time to discuss and could be discussed with new partners. In this way students can bring their knowledge from previous conversations to new conversations with new partners. It is also an option to let the students make the questions that they are working with themselves.