Get together


Two or three long ropes and a few notes/chalk


The long ropes get placed on the floor like a Venn-diagram and students write notes or write with chalk in the circles. Venn-diagrams are perfect to use when students have to compare something, find similarities and differences. Some ways to use it could be:

  • Religious education – Protestants and Catholics
  • History – The iron age and The bronze age
  • Literature – science fiction and fantasy
  • Foreign languages – Native school system and the school system of a foreign country
  • Geography – inland climate and coastal climate


Three ropes can also be used to compare three elements in a Venn-diagram:

  • Social studies – The three political ideologies:
  • Liberalism, Socialism and Conservatism
  • Home economics – Three different food cultures: e.g. Nordic, Italian and Chinese
  • Religious education – Christianity, Mormons end Jehovah’s Witness