The big line


One or two long ropes and notes


The long ropes are placed in a long line on the floor. Then the students could make a timeline by placing notes that organize the events or concepts in chronological order.


  • Geography – The different planets’ distance to the sun.
  • Social studies – political parties on a left wing to right wing spectrum
  • History – the events of World War II
  • Human biology – the digestive process of a human being
  • Literature – a course of action in a short story e.g. a Hollywood model


  • The long rope can also be placed in a circle to illustrate a circuit where academic development processes can be placed.
  • The skipping ropes can also be used as arrows in a large scaled circuit. An example couldbe the water cycle where the water cycle is drawn in chalk on the ground. The skipping ropes combine the concepts of evaporation, condensation, rainfall,