The clapping game


Notes with academic terms


The students stand in a circle and do a clapping rhythm: Two claps-pause-two claps etc. With each pause students take it in turns to say the same of a country. If they cannot answer they sit down on the floor. The students could have more than one life.


  • Language – nouns, verbs or adjectives
  • Maths: – times tables
  • Biology: – animal species
  • Physics/ Chemistry: – elements


Instead of doing a clapping rhythm you could do a much quicker ‘torpedo-version’ which still uses academic content. In this version one student starts with an answer and begins to move towards another student with their arms out. Once they have established eye contact the new student has to answer before they are caught, or they ‘die’. If they manage to answer then they become the torpedo and begin to move towards another student. The game continues until the torpedo has killed nearly everyone. Students cannot torpedo those at their sides.