The quick journalists


Cards with academic questions/themes


Half of the students get a piece of paper with an academic question or theme on it. They then have two minutes to interview the other half of the students to get as much academic input as possible. The answers are written down on paper. The students can then either use the notes for an oral presentation or they could be given time to consolidate and refine the notes from the interviews.


  • Home economics – what are the characteristics of an Italian or Asian-fusion kitchen?
  • English – which English authors do you know?
  • Religious education – what does the term ‘secularization’ mean?
  • Social studies – what do the terms ‘sub-culture’ and ‘counter-culture’ relate to?
  • Geography – name some sources of renewable energy.


The activity can be adapted by passing the interview notes onto the person who was previously interviewed- they now become the interviewer. The new interviewer finds another person to interview before passing the notes on again etc.