The world’s greatest(...) story




The students are challenged to GET GOING on their own or with a few classmates in small groups. The activity can be done in their native language or a foreign language. The challenge is this:

Create a story on a single side of A4 paper where They include as many wacky, offbeat concepts from GET GOING as possible.

The universe of GET GOING is full of things and words that (in one way or another) are linked to skipping, ropes, long ropes, swinging, line etc.

The students then choose how to express the story: read it out, dramatize it, draw it, make a shadow puppet show or dance their story for the rest of the class.

Students could use some of these phrases for inspiration: Fish and skips – the Skipendales – swinger party – line dancing – walk the line – walk a tight rope. Think of your own crazy phrases. The only requirement in the GET GOING story is that it is crazy and WAY OUT.