The keyboard


The letters of the alphabet are written in the same order as they are found on a keyboard. This can be done with chalk on the floor outside or with pen on a big bed sheet (which should be secured tightly with tape). Students can now spell and write different words and sentences by jumping from letter to letter on the keyboard. The task provides options for lots of variations in different languages e.g. the students can jump vowels/consonants, words from different word classes, words made up of six letters or as many as possible that starts with S in two minutes. The students can also be given eight different letters from which they have to make as many words as possible. There can be one or several students on keyboard at the same time. By putting the students in a group a fun challenge can be given. In this scenario, instead of jumping around the students try and hit all the letters of a word at the same time using their hands and feet. The teacher can also make a rule that words needs to be spelled with particular parts of the body e.g. the knee, a toe, the head, the elbow etc.

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