3. Embodiment

Good chemistry

Good chemistry Materials: Cards with chemical symbols Instructions: All students get a card with a chemical symbol on it in chemistry. They then have to walk around and make chemical bonds with other students. How many chemical bonds can you make- do you know the names? View All PAL Activities

Triangle drama

Triangle drama Materials: None Instructions: Students stand and may not touch each other in this activity. Each student selects two other students to be ‘points’ in their triangle. The aim is to make an equilateral triangle, where all the sides are equal. Students keep who they are thinking about a secret. When the teacher says …

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The big line

The big line Materials: One or two long ropes and notes Instructions: The long ropes are placed in a long line on the floor. Then the students could make a timeline by placing notes that organize the events or concepts in chronological order. Examples: Geography – The different planets’ distance to the sun. Social studies …

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The X-Y axis

The X-Y axis Materials: Two long ropes, notes and skipping ropes Instructions: The long ropes are placed horizontally and vertically on the floor so that they create an x-y axis that respectively represent two different concepts. The x-y axis could represent: Social studies – distribution and value politics Home economics – food in relation to …

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